Is this program for me?

Are you interested in learning how to feed your children healthier, and teaching them how to like healthy food on their own?

Feeding Your Kids is a free program that helps you make small changes over time that add up to big results. Encourage your children to develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime!

The Only Program Designed from a Parent's Perspective

Every parent wants healthy children, and provide nutritious meals to them, and yet we all find it hard to succeed. The Feeding Your Kids program is designed to address the real-life complications of eating related decision making that make parents struggle with feeding.

The program is used by parents and caregivers with children from age 2 (beyond nursing and baby food) to teenagers and is effective for families with children of varying ages in the household at the same time.


Why a Daily Program?

Do you want your child to eat a nutritious meal today? As it happens, parents make a lot of decisions before that one meal gets on the table tonight. Any one of those decisions can sabotage the hoped-for outcome. At the same time, feeding your kids in a healthy way is only one of your objectives among the many you have in running busy lives. Do you also want not only that tonight’s dinner be eaten, but that your child develop healthy eating habits for life? Raising a healthy eater is complicated.

Studies show that when it comes to behavior, people learn best by taking tiny doable practical steps. The program sequences the small doable practical changes daily, and that adds up to a big result at the end.

When you start the program, you will have an opportunity to assess how you make the decisions related to feeding. Then the program will send you a progressive set of new things to learn/do each day for 42 days, building your skills in every area.