“Great programme for parents who are struggling to provide good nutrition without being forceful and having to fight.”

“It is an amazing program for orienting moms towards healthy eating so they can feed their kids in a smarter and better way.”

“This program is very helpful. It made me realize that I need to work on the eating habits of my kids and myself as well and I should not give up.”

"This was an incredibly valuable program. I have saved every mail and it was great to receive them daily for it helped to remind me daily that I need to work on this. It gave me great ideas when I was in the dark and out of creativity. I will continue to use it for sure. Thank you so much."

“It was such an amazing program that I would recommend to all of my friends and relatives. Thank you so so much for all the help.I feel like my way of eating has changed radically.”

“This was an inspiring program with lots of great new ideas.”

“It is an amazing opportunity to have followed the program and it has made me learn how to eat healthy and improve the feeding of my children whilst trying new ways of making food.”

“It was really helpful and what I think was your greatest plus was the practicality of the program and the encouragement you offered.”

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